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Watch diameter: ....59.0 mm
Movement, Dia.:
....43.0 mm
.............21.5 mm
.................149 g

A heavy and sturdy watch!

Indications: Hours 1-24, Minutes, Seconds

Movement #10151253: Plates from silvered brass. Wheels from brass. 7 rubies (balance '5' and lever '2'). Typical American-style, negative winding gear. The clubtooth anchor wheel is from brass. The double roller balance is temperature compensated and has an oversprung blued hairspring with a Breguet end curve. A typical long indicator hand serves the fine-regulation.
The balance cock is arranged well above the back plate in good old English tradition. Versus in Swiss watches where the cock always is level with the back plate.
According to the series number the watch has been manufactured in 1903.

Dial: Enamelled copper plate, fixed at the top plate of the movement by three feet and lateral screws. Roman, black numerals I - XII and 13 - 24 hr. black arabic numerals in a second, inner circle. Inset seconds dial. The spade hands are from blued steel.

Case #666404: from German Silver. Screwed-on bezel and back. No watchmaker marks.

Watch on a 10 millimeter grid. Note the 13 to 24 hours indication.

Movement with only 7 jewels. Temperature compensated balance. The balance cock well above the back plate in good old English tradition.

The 24 hrs indication: Why on earth sports an American watch a 24hrs indication? To this day there seems to be absolutly no demand for this indication since all Americans (and Canadians) count the time in am and pm's.
Was this watch made for the European market, where the timetables indicate the time from 1 to 24 hours? But certainly not in 1903! Here the time tabels changed not before 1920. Was this watch designed for the US military? When did the military adopt the 24 hrs day?
I would love to get a response from you, my dear reader.
Do you have an idea?

I bought this watch with a malfunctioning winding stem and a badly scratched plastic glass. I replaced the watch glass by a mineral glass and plated the worn winding crown with silver.

Bought: Toronto for Can$ 150.- in 2007

Updated Oct. 2007